self-managed services

These services are managed from  To use these services you must register an account there.  The account is free and secure.  For guided instructions, click here.

  1. Domain Names
  2. File and Web Servers: Linux and Windows
  3. Additional Email Accounts
  4. Instant Web Sites: Web Site Tonight ®
  5. SSL Certificates
  6. Quick Shopping Cart

services overview

Business to Business Internet Services

We are committed to providing the most cost effective and highest quality services to our customers.  For that reason we operate a number of Internet servers, each offering unique capabilities.  Our expertise allows us to seamlessly integrate data and programming between our servers to provide solutions not available elsewhere.

All custom, semi-custom, and off-the-shelf programming products and services are available on Linux, Apache, php, and MySQL (LAMP) servers, only. 

As part of our total care commitment, we provide both on-site and in-house repair services to our customers.  We stock a large inventory of repair parts including complete systems.

We accept privately owned rack mounted servers in our Network Operations Center.  Charges are based on physical size, power use, static IP addresses used, and bandwidth.